What is kbuild?

Kbuild stands for kernel build, specifically the software related to building the linux kernel.


kbuild sourceforge project
This is the Sourceforge project for kbuild. I'm working to make this the hub of kbuild activity.

The CML2 Resources Page
This is esr's CML2 project. CML2 is a next-generation replacement for the existing "make config", "make menuconfig", and "make xconfig" tools.

Mailing lists

The original linux-kbuild mailing list archive
This covers the original linux-kbuild mailing list from its inception on 1999-Jan-15 to 2001-Jan-30 (roughly). Props to Grant Guenther for hosting the original list.

The current kbuild-devel mailing list archive
This covers the kbuild-devel mailing list from 2001-Apr-15 to now. Messages between 2001-Jan-30 and 2001-Apr-15 are lost.

Subscribe to kbuild-devel
Here is the subscription page for kbuild-devel.

News coverage

Kernel Summit session on kbuild
Linux Weekly News covers the Linux 2.5 Kernel Summit. Here is the kbuild session.

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